Thursday, March 29, 2007

Making money from the web is not easy...

I have to admit it is disconcerting at times to find some people still selling the concept of making money from the web is so easy "you can do it in your sleep" or "its childs play" ... its also disturbing to find some people still keep believing it too!

A lucky few might make a lot of money from the web but 99% of them would have put in hard graft, invested in decent web based systems and carried out careful competitor analysis, marketing and SEO to make their websites a financial success.

To those who think that to make money from the web is as simple as buying a cheap non targeted, non optimised website and sticking it online fora few measly quid in the hope the public are going to come pouring in, think again.

Spending little on websites and their marketing just doesn't cut the mustard and if you think thats all that it takes then I suggest you might want to look for a business venture somewhere else. That or you can waste your money.... but I won't be the one to take it from you...