Wednesday, March 28, 2007

French Furniture Company - Website Review

I spent some time with the owners of the French Furniture company recently going over changes they need to make to their website to ensure more sales and more traffic gained organically from Google so helping to reduce their spend on Google Adwords.

We went through the importance of content on a website's home page and why it is essential to target keywords not only on the home page but also across other pages on a website.

I also took them through understanding how to link to pages from content within their website and also the importance of building inbound links from other websites. We went over how best to vary links from various types of other websites including social media sites such as Digg, why just trading reciprocal links with anyone is the poor man's linking strategy, and instead why preferring to link with others who may well be able to offer furniture of a different type (so as not be non competitive) would likely be of more value to their website.

It is great to see them take steps towards ensuring their website is more user friendly and after speaking with them recently they say they have seen an increase in enquiries from the site AND an increase in their Adwords CTR.

So if you're looking for Louis French Style Bedroom Furniture to Ornate Mirrors then give the French Furniture experts a shout, I am certain you'll find them both knowledgeable and extremely helpful!