Thursday, December 07, 2006

Spanking blogs - take the pain, take the pain, TAKE IT!

Blogs are spanking that is if you want to reach out to old and new clients then spanking new blogs are the way to go!

What is a blog? What is blogging?

Well a blog is a website in essence but one that lets you update as often as you like and very much along the lines of a personal diary or journal. The term itself, "blog" comes from just 2 words "web log".

Blogs can be enabled to allow your readers to leave comments and in time and managed correctly your spanking new blog can become an authority blog and have an online community centred around it.

"Blogging" is a verb and means to update your blog, by way of maintain or updating it.

How to create a spanking new blog

There are many types of blogging software for you to choose from that can help you start. The most popular blogs (especially in the IT or SEO sector) are usually home grown though the following blog software may be used (feel free to let me know of other POPULAR blogging tools I may have missed):





Movable Type

How to generate increased traffic to your blog

When you first start to blog it feels like a very lonely place and with no comments and with little traffic blogging can be hard to do and to persevere with. Take it from the author blogging (especially on a daily basis) can be a pain in the ass if you do not pay it the full attention and detail to planning it deserves.

A Couple of things to help get spanking levels of traffic to your blog is:

Tell people OFFLINE you have a blog, explain its early days but you offer blog posts that are of significant interest to your blog readers.

Find a niche and positively exploit it - people blog for all sorts of reasons from spanking on an adult theme to blogging about where to go in Timbuctoo, theres a blog for someone out there. And if you think you can blog better than someone elses efforts then do it as it won't take long to make a name for yourself if your blog shows authority (not arrogance), relevancy and expertise. Humour helps too and so does positive criticism.

After you've posted for a while - say you have 15 to 25 blog posts then think about finding other blogs you can promote on your blog and ask those blog owners to do the same for you.

If that technique fails then offer to guest blog your expertise - you'd be surprised how many bloggers would love that - the kudos of having someone else (even someone little known) can really big a blog up.

Well thats it for spanking new blogs, I'm guessing by now you SEO'ers out there may realise there's a common theme, LOL, careful now they are usually ADULT BLOGS... you have been warned...