Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bad morning, GREAT afternoon!

I hate losing and my wife hates being around me when I have perceived that I have lost as I'm not so nice to be around... my competitive nature I guess.

This morning started badly having to chase clients for overdue payments and having one client appear to hang up on me after phoning... this resulted in me decided to pass the debt over to a bailiff/debt recovery - something I hate having to do as I see it as a threatening way to ensure I am paid... and I for one do not like being threatened.

Thankfully I kept my patience and the client rang through later and arranged to pay - I'm not so sure he was aware of how close I got to passing the debt on...

So that got sorted and I calmed down.

Then lo' and behold the new car dealer I've been negotiating with calls me back after I backed out of the deal yesterday when he tried to change the payment details and re-offered me the deal - which is great as after I had spoken with him yesterday I had gone to the nearest dealer of the same brand in Swindon and found they were charging almost £400 plus VAT per month for the same type of car but with a lower mileage allowance and longer contract hire term.

I'd swallowed my pride yesterday and refused to ring the original dealer back begging for the offer thinking he'd say no and up the price so I was pleased as punch today when the dealer came back to me with the offer on the table. It's slightly altered to suit them (no car dealer ever comes out of a deal out of pocket even if they claim they are!) but one thats saving me in real terms over £110 a month on current car payments (and I get a better brand of car!)

I do like days that start bad and get better and yes I do like having things go my way (who doesn't???)