Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Since when did I NEED permission to link to YOU?

I want to link to YOUR website. Do I need your permission to do so?

I am being asked this more and more by clients and having seen the following on Kim's blog:

Must you ask permission to link to another blog from your own?

I thought of blogging here to see what others feel about seeing links from others... I think that my clients have now begun to understand or feel that its about one way links rather than reciprocal (though some understand that links out from their site that benefit their site users are powerful stuff).

I have to advise them that as far as I am concerned that if someone links to their site in a positive manner then I guess thats gonna be hard to press that other person to remove the link... what I do advise is not to be pressurised into linking back JUST because someone says that they are linking to theirs so it should be reciprocated...

Anyone else get asked the same by clients about linking out?