Monday, December 11, 2006

Not all clients are upfront..

I hate to say this but a minority of my clients are not particularly honest in the results they achieve from my efforts and I'll tell you why....

I measure results for my clients in terms of traffic they generate from the website based on my efforts to target keyword phrases I believe convert best for them into new business and sales.

If the site is an ecommerce site I am capable of tracking what is ordered through the website by checking the backend system however if the order is phoned through then I have no way of knowing.

I was at a clients recently who advised it had been quiet online and he was concerned about a "lack of sales". When he left the building momentarily a member of staff approached me and she said that yes it had been quiet online but they were fielding a large number of calls on the phone from people finding the website and wishing to phone their order through.

My client returned to the building and I did ask how his orders were getting on via the phone and his reply "... same as the web, very little..."

That kind of forces me into a predicament, do I drop the girl in it who told me the phone lines were busy? Or accuse my client of not being truthful?

He must have thought I was gullible as the phone rang almost non stop with orders whilst I was there but when I asked if they were coming from the Internet he went a little coy, especially as I had heard delivery addresses from all over the UK... and I am aware he is not doing any other website or brochure for that matter...

I left advising the client my prices will remain firm and will not be reduced because he says its quiet (especially when its Xmas!).

I can't reduce them anymore anyway as I do not charge agency style fees for my work (well not just yet!)