Tuesday, October 03, 2006

SEO Case Study 2 - Downend Weddings Winter Photography

I had the pleasure of working Stuart Schofield of Downend Weddings recently in carrying out some basic SEO work to his website.

Stuart wants to target the Winter Wedding market as this is becoming more popular as wedding venues are easier to book in the colder months as opposed to the summer. He also wished to increase his ranking for "Wedding Photographer in Bristol"

He also specialises as a wedding photographer but feels there is a strong niche as a winter wedding photographer across the UK.

I advised him that Wedding Photographer in Bristol as a keyword phrase is going to be more competitive than Winter Wedding photographer - due to the number of websites competing.

I advised Stuart that he would need to carry out some of the basic web marketing processes himself and I was prepared to show him how to do that. This reasoning was down to him having a modest budget and I am always happy to help those who want to do some of the work themselves.

First off I carried out keyword research to explore the various phrases his website really should be targeting. Once we had agreed on targeted keyword phrases I explained to him that his home page had no real content for search engines to index. By demonstrating competitor photographers websites that had text on the page (and as HTML, not embedded inside images), good copy together with a few dozen links was helping them to get high rankings on the likes of Google.

So we reformatted the content on all the pages, updated the meta-tags and created a new article. I explained the importance of the Title tag over the Description and Keywords meta-tag and why it should reflect in less than 70 characters the content on the page.

We created a page on "Hints and Tips on Romantic Winter Weddings" as this would likely generate more links to that page over time and help to increase his overall ranking on search engines.

The site currently (as at 03/10/06) ranks number 1 on a Google UK Search for:

Romantic Winter Wedding
Winter Wedding Tips
Winter Wedding Photographer Bristol

Its an early start and I have explained to Stuart that it may take time to rank against others who are entrenched in the top spots, but I am positive that his site will see an overall increase in traffic and conversions of visitors to enquirers.

In conclusion I would say this website should now see an increase in traffic levels based on new niche content and researched keywords. Overall the site will need to generate more links from other websites but with Stuart now able to find websites and directories to get those links it should only be a matter of time.