Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Giving EBookers bad press cause they SUCK!

Don't use Ebookers for Cheap Car Hire

I made the SERIOUS mistake of booking my car hire through EBookers.com for whilst I am out in Valencia next week.

You know if you are dealt with by a good company you'll maybe tell 10 other people? And you know when you feel you get poor uncaring service from another company you'll tell 100 others - well thats what I am doing to Ebooker via my blog right after getting off the phone to them.

At the time of booking their online system did not offer me the opportunity to add on a second named driver. No problem you would think for a modern online company to offer this.

So I phone Ebookers today to ask them to add on the details for the other driver in our party and let me know of the charge (if any).

First off it took over 10 minutes on hold listening to Ebooker's totally awful music/muzak and some irritant in my ear singing the praises of ebookers online.

Their phone menu system said I would get a faster response by reading their online FAQ's. BS! Once I have booked or bought ANYTHING then I want to be able to talk to the company direct.

I do NOT want to use their website to read their FAQ's - I only want to discuss my query with a customer service representative.

And talking of Customer Service Representatives:

  • The ones at Ebooker (on the phone anyway)sound like they're millions of miles away. You say something and there's like this really long pause whilst my voice is beamed halfway around the world. UK Offices? For one second I do not believe that.
  • Ebooker staff I spoke to are rude and talk over me when I am speaking. Heh! I AM THE CUSTOMER, when I am stating the facts YOU do not talk, you need to LISTEN. When I asked each of them to let me talk they continued to speak like robots. This must be some defence mechanism so that they can attempt to "control" the customer. In the end I had to resort to shouting down the phone demanding they shut up... one still tried to continue to speak!
  • Ebooker employees hide behind the company's "terms and conditions" when there is no valid answer to my question (which was I would like to add a driver to the car hire as at the time of booking I was not able to do this as Ebookers car hire booking system did not allow this - they basically blamed the car hire firms!)

Ebookers were:
  • Unable to add my named driver stating that had to be done at the airport - so wasting my precious vacation time - a 3 day trip
  • the first rep I spoke to was clueless and knew nothing
  • when I asked how to cancel as they could not get their act together I was told that I would have to pay a £35 cancellation fee subject to their standard terms and conditions

I will NOT book or use ebookers again. Shoddy service, rude arrogant staff and being kept on hold far too long... just NOT the way to do business in the 21st century.

Ebookers.com - you suck!

Heh, ya know I want this to be passed around - it might even get Ebookers to come back to me with an apology. Lets see if we can make this happen.