Tuesday, September 12, 2006

SEO can be affordable for small businesses

During research this afternoon Wordtracker gave me this result for the following:

"affordable business seo small" 20.952 134 81 857

A KEI of 20.952 with 81 searches a day competing. Now that's not too bad a result to target especially with ONLY 857 websites competing - though strange as I am unable to find that result in Googles search engine. More like 45,000,000...

Anyway you're not interested in that, you only want to know about affordable SEO small business and a positive know-how checklist for your online site!

Affordable SEO services for small businesses - a checklist

You can afford SEO for your small business website - its just finding that right Search Engine Specialist who has an extensive portfolio and proven results.

Researched your keywords? Thoroughly? Looked at your competitors websites (i.e the top performing ones in Google)?

Got a list of over 1000 keyword phrases and know EXACTLY what you're going to do with them???

All Things Web price for keyword research: £210-00 plus VAT (fixed price)

Optimized your code and content?

Is your content on target and relevant? Does your copy on your website work to generate an enquiry or sale? Is it persuasive or just plain old generically boring?

Navigation is offered in at least a text only mode so EVERYONE can navigate your site?

Google Analytics is activated? Google Maps have been notified? Your ODP description has been struck out from your website?

On page optimization has been carried out?

Targeting those long tail "niche" keywords?

Your small business website gives others the impression you are professional, well informed and expert in your field?

Analysed your competitors backlinks? Approached others for link building on a highly targeted basis?

Plenty of content ready to place on the website?

Plenty of content you think people will really WANT TO SEE on your website?

Understand how best to place your h1, h2, p and hr tags to help with conversions?

Utilising an effective title tag to hook visitors in from the search engines results pages?

You're certain that your content that is important and should be clear to EVERY visitor to your site is above "the fold"?

You have placed the telephone number on each and every page of your website?

You've set a blog up to communicate with your customers on a personal, informal yet authorative basis?

You haven't???

All Things Web optimization services for small businesses can help you today. With prices from £210 for just a 3 hour consultation I think SEO for your small business can be highly affordable.

Search Engine Optimization - its not a cost, its an investment and carried out correctly will help you see a return.

Picking the right person is half the story. Make it a quick half. Pick me.