Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Don't rave about China - they practice Censorship

There has been a few posts these past few days about China being the biggest internet market by 2007 or that China has more mobile phone users than the USA.

And you know what... I don't care about that and why?

Because what most people don't mention is that China still remains a hardline communist country that punishes (and rumour has it kills) certain people for their beliefs.

Hardly a democratic way of life is it?

This made the BBC News: China to increase restrictions on foreign news agencies.

So next time you post some "great" news on China, just think about the persecution and censorship that is practiced there by the government on its own people

Shame so many people say "we should be free and democratic blah blah" and yet willingly negotiate with a country ran by a communist elite for a few more $$$ in their pocket.