Monday, July 17, 2006

Google Adwords landing page criteria - whats all the fuss about???

Google Adwords has updated its guidelines on landing pages and for some at least its causing a bit of a "hoo-haa"....

Google's new guidelines state that Ads linked to poor quality pages will have to pay a higher minimum clickthrough rate than Ads that link to high quality landing pages.

Perhaps not fair for spammers but by setting this out clearly, it brings Adwords into line with Google's general webmaster guidelines - which again are reasonably fair and clear. If it means that Adwords are more trustworthy to users as Google has taken steps to help reduce spammy pages then thats a good thing. I have found myself in some very dubious websites which I clicked on from Google Ads... the Ad looked positive but there was no relation to the advetised content at the website when I visited it via Google Ads. Not a positive experience as a user.

Though I am curious to know where Google gets its user feedback - who are these chosen lucky few???

So if you're one thats states that what Google is doing is unfair and feel Adwords is too heavily policed then perhaps do me a favour?

And thats to stop advertising your site on Google Ads so us legitimate advertisers can give more to website visitors when they arrive at our sites.