Wednesday, June 28, 2006

1000 word webpage - just a page of spam?

1000 word webpage.

Having seen this on econsultancy's blog (and mentioned on quite a few others) I checked it out.

Run by a couple of marketing students in London, you basically bid on a word on the page. The more you pay the more prominent your keyword will be. I believe it is jumping on the million dollar website bandwagon so I can't see it being wholly successful.

Thing is, the page to me just looks like spam. It will generate some buzz and if the lads make some dosh then good on them but I for one cannot see how it would generate traffic to my website that would likely convert into business.

Also if this did take off in the SERPS then Google and the other search engines I think would have to classify this as spamming - its just not relevant enough to their users.

Anyone disagree?