Thursday, June 22, 2006

The POWER of Referral Marketing

Your website is part of a network, an electronic one, but still a network

Do you network your business offline with others? I do.

Some of my business, no, in fact a great deal of my business is generated by word of mouth advertising. Your best salesteam are in fact your customers! Have you got them working for you??? Do you have them singing your praises to their contacts?

No? Well from my experience I cannot strongly recommend enough word of mouth advertising - the art of referral marketing!

If you don't know anything about referral marketing then take the following advice from Sarah Owen of The Referral Institute:

"Tips to drive word of mouth business

  1. Your contacts won’t generally refer you business off their own bat just because you are good at your job. Many will be happy to refer you business if you ask them.
  2. Pay attention to behavioural styles and treat people how they would like to be treated
  3. Go to network meetings to meet people not to sell. It’s then up to you to follow up after having made initial contact with people at the meeting.
  4. Focus on developing deeper relationships with a few people rather than superficial relationships with a lot of people."
I could not agree more.
If you're looking to increase the levels of business that you do then I strongly suggest you contact The Referral Institute. I think this type of marketing can take your business to a new level.