Thursday, June 15, 2006

Unique Blog headlines are gonna get your attention!

Some people blog to make money and some don't.

I'm in the second camp, I do it to communicate to clients and bloggers interested in what I have got to say.

So how do I get initial interest in my blog thats posted to a newfeed? By using a unique headline to garner attention.

And it seems to work. Original headlines using keywords such as "Exclusive", "Successful", "How to" seem to generate more interest and send over more people to the allthingsweb site

So craft your headlines carefully - even make them calls to action to spur people on to read your blog over someone elses. Cause getting to your blog is the first step, your ultimate aim is to entice them to your website to see what you do!


ukdaz (obviously no-one is reading in the UK as everyone is watching England attempt to play at football!)