Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Exclusive invitation to Google Ads Editor

Cool... do I feel special or what!

Sitting here converting my website into a template based system - which quite frankly is boring me out of my mind I received an email from Google offering a software download to manage my Google Ads accounts. - of which I manage many campaigns for my clients.

"Based on your current AdWords account activity, we believe you would benefit from the ease and flexibility AdWords Editor offers. Especially designed for users with large accounts... "

So I download the software - checking first its not a phishing/spamming attempt from a third party. Looked all good and proper and slightly surprised me with a 7.8MB download!

Ran the installation and attempted to sign in with my current Google details. Hmm a failure there... maybe the firewall is causing the issue so temporarily switch that off... nope thats not the cause as it is still not recognising my account. Turn the firewall back on.

Logged into Google and reconfirmed my password. Back to the Google Ads software editor to try agin. Still no good.

So first attempts not perfect. It's late and pub quiz beckons so I guess its try another go tomorrow - an email to Google is likely.

Anyone else have any problems logging into the newly loaded Google Ads software?