Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Web Optimisation Reviews for FREE - TODAY ONLY

To the first 5 people who contact me today at info@allthingsweb.co.uk I will look at your site on an optimisation basis and give my SEO review for free! SO you'd better be quick and get on the blower to me!

You may wonder why I am giving web optimisation reviews for free?

Well I went to dinner last week and with my business colleagues had a very interesting conversation about offering free services...

I stand on the side that says "All clients must pay for my time. Existing clients who pay on time and use my services may get some services for free from time to time"

Another person who was at our table agreed with me whilst the other two declared that its likely I would get many enquiries for free services that would likely lead to more business.

I tried giving out SEO services for free when I first started in the SEO game... it never worked.... I attracted many "bounty hunters" keen to take my services with promises of paid work to come. All of them disappeared as fast as they could when I handed over my reviews - well they feigned disinterest in my web marketing services.

I even had one tell me to never contact him again. People... tch!

A few did refer me on - to other bounty hunters! At that time I found it very hard to say to someone who had been referred to me and had taken the time to phone me that I would have to charge them for my time. Why did I find it hard? Mostly to ensure they were not disappointed. However it was me that was disappointed time and time again.

It dawned on me one day with a burgeoning credit card bill I was using to just survive that I either started charging for initial time or got out of the industry. Well I enjoyed it too much to get out so I started charging for my time.

Suddenly referrals got easier as people got to hear about a good job and my clients told them I charged a fair and reasonable rate...

So its this free website optimisation is a re-test to see if the market has changed. I am not after a high figure - even one free review that converts itself into paid web marketing business would DOUBLE the success rate from the previous time.

So go on, shout me and I will see what I can do. Just remember you'll need to be in the first 5 to get the benefits!