Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting free website links Part 1

Did I say my website is relatively new?

Well it is.

In fact it's less than 2 months old in its complete status - though it will technically never be "complete" due to the additions of new content.

Anyway I am going to need to get some websites to link to it - so where to start first... hmm lets head over to Google to find some free link directories.

Now the question is, are they worth it? In terms of SENDING you huge amounts of traffic (that a lot promise) I very much doubt it. But you never know, if one directory was to send you two legitimate visitors a month for free for the rest of the lifetime of your website would you say no... I doubt I would!

So here's Google's results for:

Link directories

I am not a great believer in Google's Pagerank as an accurate guide but once I see a site's ranking it can help give me some clue as to where that website sits in the index.

To increase a website's value to a search engine is achieved generally in 2 ways.

  1. Look for links to your site
  2. Write interesting and valuable content

Plus there is a third way IMHO:
  • and thats PROPERLY adding links from your website to other sites that YOU highly rate...
...though don't go linking to some two bit 3 page website your aunt created for her shoebox diorama's (well not unless its truly authoritative on the subject)

So looking around I find www.linkdirectories.org
which is pretty cool as each directory it lists it shows the pagerank for the site, how many sites link to it in MSN and a whole bunch of other interesting data!

Link directories is a directory that links to other free directories so I choose one on its list and surf over to www.dir4u.com. Not a bad start - they don't want reciprocal links from my website. So I submit the allthingsweb site there ensuring I give them my junk email address (just in case).

No fuss as it takes my website and then offers me another opportunity. Which I decline this time round.

Eventually I submit to all the sites listed below and here's a quick line about each of them:


Says its free but no mention of having to have a reciprocal link to avoid the $20 charge.


Looks suscipiously similar to dir4u.com and part of their agreement is that "
There must be a submit page for visitors to submit to" - is that so they can potentially gain other email addresses from this website as well? Hmm not sure...


Promotes itself as the world's biggest directory. Somehow I believe evidence suggests some other site directory (Yahoo anyone?) is bigger.
Again the form on here is very similar to dir4u.com (though they do ask a security question to prevent automated signups.)


Purports to be a British directory, again the sign up form looks too similar to the ones above NOT to raise suscipicions.

Only time will tell if these links successfully generate any traffic - however its hard to know. All were given reasonable pageranks from Google (though not amazing) so the search engine is aware of them - how long it stays aware of them is another matter.

If anyone else knows of any free directories I could and should place links from to my site please let me know!