Monday, June 19, 2006

Getting Google Ads editor (beta) installed and running

Having tried unsucessfully to install and run Google Adwords Editor on my PC last week I have finally managed to get it running. Seems like my firewall didn't "trust" it... well who can you trust these days? ;)

SO first thoughts on the software - loaded smoothly and downloaded campaigns quickly and without fuss. I would not have expected anything less here.

Disappointed I cannot download results of campaigns... just looks like its an editor by name... going to have to log in to get the results... shame... to have everything under one roof would have been easier.

Ah yes I can get stats... not that obvious at first! Hmm would have been better if they could have supplied as charts and graphs rather than just as text.

Not enough width on the page to allow for all the columns means I am going to have to close up certain columns of data to get to see what I really want.

I'll stick with it to add multiple keywords to a few clients big campaigns and go from there with it... I can always change back to the online version if I struggle to get along with this software.