Wednesday, June 21, 2006

NEW! The value of Google Ads Dayparting

I mentioned that Google was rolling "Dayparting" out and logging into my Google Ads this morning I find the UK is ready so I can now set this up for my clients.

What is Dayparting?

It is where Google Ad campaigns can be set to run at certain times of the day - rather than just run continuously over a 24 hour period.

And what is the value of Dayparting?

If you see from your stats that your website's busiest time is between 12 and 2pm then you can ensure your Ads only show during this time. You can also look to then test which period in a chosen timeframe generates more orders... and then increase your Ad budget during that period. In short your chosen time should be one of your most profitable - though you'll need to combine Google Ads with landing pages to get the best result.

As an example I have one client's website that see's an increase at 12pm to 2pm and then from 4-30pm till 6-30pm. There is also a traffic blip at 9pm on a regular basis.

By setting dayparting at these times and then monitoring which timeframe generates more orders for my client will allow me to get the best from Google Adwords for him.

A powerful online marketing tool that I think could see Adword budget "wastage" reduced by as much as 20% (if the correct times are picked)- a significant figure don't you think?

I am also aware that like TV, Adwords clickthrough budgets may increase at certain popular times - something else that needs careful consideration.

Care must be taken in choosing the right timeframe based on observed client behaviour. There is no point picking the wrong time and missing out on significant orders!

My crystal ball thinking? That for B2B marketing, companies may find the best time for Adwords marketing is between 5pm and 6pm (maybe to 7pm).

Why? Mainly down to managers looking for required business services and able to make more informed decisions when its quiet and without the distractions caused by normal day to day operations. Could be wrong (anyone care to point out that I am?), but I got a good gut feeling!



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