Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yeah lets close on Wednesdays! Screw the client!

Its the 21st century and I trust your company is open for business 24/7 - unbelievably a local company we are dealing with for improvements to our home CLOSE on Wednesdays but what a surprise as their website quite clearly states:

Open Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm

I received a phone message yesterday from said company advising a problem with my payment card so I rang today (as they are supposed to be fitting tomorrow) and got no answer after 4 or 5 phone calls... not even an answerphone, no forwarding to a mobile or voicemail...

I rang their headoffice - this local company is part of a franchisee business - and explained I could not get through. I have to admit the woman hid behind a "we're a franchise company so you'll have to take it up with them" attitude.

Once she understood I was trying to contact the local company to PAY THEM she changed her tune and offered to ring the shop and pass them a message to call me.

She returned my call about 20 minutes later to say that the store was closed on Wednesdays, I replied I was surprised to see a company closing mid week in the 21st century.

Again she got quite snotty saying this time of year is quiet for fireplace companies and people are entitled to close their shops... which I disagree with mid-week!

I am right now feeling like preventing the company from doing the work and requesting my deposit back. The building work done has begun to crack in one area and I am not confident we are being sold the right product. It certainly seems we have been provided the wrong advice too prior to purchasing.

I'm really hoping this company get their act together but I really feel they have let us down and will let us down even farther with a shoddy job....