Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dealing with unwanted inbound links....

I noticed in my traffic logs that the all things web site receives dozens and dozens of visitors from a website that seems to me to be involved with "pyramid selling" - the type that offers $10000 a month for very little effort... that so stinks of BS... really, c'mon!

It pissed me off enough (to be honest it doesn't take much!) to start writing an email to request the site owner remove the link to my site. Just as I was about to send it I suddenly paused and had a thought...

... what if those people coming to my site suddenly got the message that the Internet is not a super easy, make a quick buck overnight way the other website seems to be offering....?

So I binned the email.

It might be that I am approached by some of these people to help them promote their business which I would prefer rather than they go cough up to the other guy...

It might also help generate more inbound links from other sites - even other sites that I disagree with BUT it can only help my profile and overall ranking in time if that does happen.

Yeah I may get plagued with crappy reciprocal requests but they're pretty easy to ignore and the overall effect will be to potentially increase my business' online exposure and that can surely be a good thing!


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