Thursday, January 25, 2007

Softly, softly, catchy monkey....!

I've never done hard sell in the SEO industry to prospective clients... my results on google do well enough to impress them (for my own All Things Web site AND my list of web optimized clients)...

... but I thought I would share this invaluable advice with you....

SOFT SELL. If you're good with an extensive proven portfolio you don't need to sell. Your results can do that yourself.

Also be as helpful and knowledgable as possible. I find this technique works later on down the road if the client has taken a while to make a decision to go ahead.

Who will they remember the person who tried to sign them up to some deal or the person who was calmly professional and offered serious advice when asked (don't offer it up without them asking first).

I had a meeting with a lovely lady today who I met in August. I was helpful then. And I was helpful today - that was enough to secure an order for a substantial amount of money to help promote her business online.

I built TRUST and INTEGRITY and showed I put her interests first over mine. This technique is a natural one and always works well (as long as your efforts are honestly sincere!)


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