Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Linkbait.... but if we're all doing it.... what then?

I see a lot of the popular blogs are mentioning linkbait agggaaain and how powerful it can be in generating huge amounts of links and traffic to a website from the likes of Dugg and Del.icio.us - thats great that info is being shared like this, but there's something that bugs me....

Its too easy to game Dugg... I could get 10 mates to all dig linkbait I create - might not make the 1st page but in time it could... isn't it likely that Dugg will just start examining Diggs a little too closely?

And its all very well say creating Linkbait around something exciting but what if you're into pensions (and sorry but I just don't find them exciting...), what then?

Based on the demographics of a Dugg user I cannot see them being highly enthralled with the latest pension crisis, can you? I understand its a case of knowing your market but a lot of the blogs (in my mind) are making out that linkbait is the be - all and end all for EVERYONE... I kinda get the feeling if you're NOT linkbaiting then your on the loser road to hell....

Finally if we all linkbait then surely as we get better the experts at linkbaiting are gonna have to significantly raise their game... maybe its a way of significantly raising their prices to clients too?


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