Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Up in the rankings? More like up in thin air

I sneaked away this afternoon and managed to go flying this afternoon - the first time since May last year.... a great feeling hoiking the aircraft off the ground and zooming around the skies over Banbury in Oxfordshire... the guys (and gal) at Fly CB were informative, helpful and fun to be around... my plan now is to proceed with getting a microlight licence before the end of the summer... it will make a change from gliding after almost 20 years..

I also had a "fun" drive up the A420 to the airport, and found to delight that my Passat's got fantastic mid range fopr overtaking... perhaps not as much "fun" as this guy caught on the A420 recently at... wait for it... 172mph!,,2-2007040778,00.html

Irresponsible I know but what with all the rules society places on us its nice to see one lad stick two fingers up at the "system"...

Bet he does time in nick though... :(


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