Saturday, February 10, 2007

Top of the SERPS via Froogle

I'm making a lot of my retail clients aware of the benefits of Google Base - its certainly proving fruitful for them with higher rates of visitor conversion to buyers. I'm impressed. :)

One thing I get asked a lot is "NOT all my items show consistently on Google SERPS 1st page, in the space reserved for Google Froogle - why is that?"

I'd say its very likely a low level of relevance, a poor title and product description and would recommend you get the optimium descriptive keyword in the products title AND description ensuring you also carefully list the benefits of your product. Some clients of mine actually believe the cheaper they price their products the more likely they get listed though I have no seen evidence of this yet, in fact I don't believe this to be a major influence - though if anyone has evidence and can dispute that I'd be happy to discuss....

Looking at Froogle's own page the initial listing shows as sorted by relevance so that kinda gives the game away...

I'll give you an example:

My client Storm Outdoors Clothing Online Store is not showing on the SERPS page for the following product:

Rab Summit Storm Jacket

My client's site is however listed on Froogle but to get a searchers true attention we're going to need to get that product showing above the top results in the Froogle listing on the Google Search Results page.

To do that I'm going to tweak the product data and improve the copy of the product AND check the relevancy of the keywords. I'd expect to see A) an increase in Froogle listings B) my clients Froogle listing for this product at the top of the SERPS pages

I'll keep you posted on that one!

In the meantime what I have found out is that discovering more about getting the best from Google Base and Froogle requires a LOT more research and study... during some initial research I found Google Base's own in house blogger - its well worth a read...

Official Google Base Blog

Remember you read it here first that making your product and title description more relevant in your Feed (and with better calls to action) can surely help you increase listings on the SERPS pages with Froogle even further. ;)


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