Thursday, October 12, 2006

Using Link bait effectively

I blogged on a business community, that I belong to, the fact that my website was on the 1st page of Google UK for a certain keyword phrase.

After I posted the blog, quite a few members posted to say that my blog was in fact an advert and I should have put it in the section that deals with advertising.

I think I know why perhaps some members were irked:

One, the headline I used to stand out from all the other posts for that day was:

"How to get your site listed on the first page of Google"

That got a lot of members interest and so far there has been 181 views - which in a 24 hour period on that network isn't too bad a figure.

Two, when they reached the page instead of TELLING them how to get their webpages on page 1 of Google I in fact told them how well MY business had done with getting listed for a certain keyword phrase - "internet marketing expert" - which was set as a link to Google UK to back up my claim.

Out of that 180 views or so, 25 people visited my website - 8 via my listing on Google, 3 made contact (1 via the network) and one confirmed he wishes me to provide a website consultancy in November. So as link bait the blog worked.

It was quite a positive start, however with the few complaints and some saracastic posts on there, and the fact I work ethically - and like anyone else capable of making mistakes at times, I apologised and promised not to do it again.

Thing is I checked the website's own guidelines and it does say:

"Act with professional maturity if you join debates"

"Do not post comments that are sarcastic"

"If you have any complaint, criticism, doubts, fears and anxieties with any Member...
...take the matter up directly with the relevant person in a constructive way through Private Messaging."

A couple of the posters - with 2 childish commenters in particular - really should have been more helpful in their posts.

My last apologetic post seemed to settle things down but like a red rag to a bull some other members still commented after I'd made that apology. I do not intend to reply to these posts and consider the matter closed.

Finally the lesson I learned is that when using creative blog headlines it DOES encourage people to click on your link - however ensure that when people reach your blog content you give them the details and info they were looking for.