Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SEO Book and other publications

I purchased Aaron Walls SEO Book late last night as I'd promised myself a work related gift after the completion of a large project.

I occasionally purchase the odd ebook - it pays to make sure that my own learning is on the right tracks. Results that I get suggest I am but its nice to have a comfort factor.

A quick run through (noticing 280 pages) left me initially thinking that what is mentioned in his SEO book was what I have taught myself these past few years, so that made me feel good that my own ideas and thoughts have been on the same line as the author's.

I am hoping there's some nuggets in there that I don't YET know. I'm really hoping though that its not too repetitive or "expanded for its own sake".

So far the best SEO guide I have ever bought was Jill Whalens "Writing for Search Engines". Simple and to the point without the useless padding that some other authors use to make it appear their ebooks on SEO are giving "value".

Aaron at least offers a money back guarantee if I am not fully satisfied but its doubtful I'd have the nerve to write to him to request a refund.

I'm going to dig into the book a little more later and hopefully my second blog about Aaron's SEO Book will be far more positive. I'm secretly hoping it will be!