Friday, October 06, 2006

My hectic Web & SEO week this week.

I've been working on a big web site for a property developer in Bristol for the majority of September. The site is coming to completion and will be set live shortly.

I'm really pleased the way things have gone and its been a joy to work with the client. They have a great outlook on their new site and I feel privileged to have carried out this project on their behalf.

I have also carried out web marketing consultations x2 and also updated 4 client sites. Plus I have had the "enjoyment" of getting up at 5am this week (I'm normally up around 6-30am) and visiting business breakfast network meetings to generate new leads.

You know, I am so looking to a spot of relaxation this weekend but I know my nearest and dearest has plans for me to finish off some DIY and sort out the garden in time for Winter, not my idea of fun... heh ho.

Catch you next week.