Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Internet Marketing Expert - my aim of world domination continues

I blogged previously that I had pleasantly discovered that for the keyword term "internet marketing expert" my company website - All Things Web - was to be found on the 4th page of a Google UK search.

I'd not deliberately targeted that keyword phrase and decided that it might be worth amending the home page slightly to increase my site's relevancy to Google for this phrase.

I pretty much just adjusted the Title tag, the Description tag and a few paragraphs and headelines on the home page. Nothing too spammy, just a clever re-write of the content to make it more appealing.

Seems to have done the trick as on a UK search on Google I am now to be found in position 7 on page 1's results. This may NOT last but it's pleased me no end that my site was ranked higher for a little more SEO research and work.

Lets hope it stays that way... :)) (high quality link building here I come)