Friday, August 25, 2006

Wordtracker is more accurate than I gave it credit for

I have a website that is in the planning stage of a complete content and structure revamp. To make sure keyword phrases I usually make use of Wordtracker. Now I have always been a bit dubious about this tool - its great for keyword seeding (i.e. coming up with other keywords).

BUT I have been pleasantly surprised that its estimates are (for me anyway) pretty accurate which gives me a hell lot of confidence. Some results are slightly skewed - especially competing sites - for one of my keyword phrases Google lists more than 46,400,000 sites whilst Wordtracker reports only 2040 sites are competing for this phrase. Not sure about this one... requires some more research.

The certain keyword phrase "how to please a man in bed" (don't ask!) currently ranks highly on Google for one of my site. Due to its redesign I won't link to it just now.

This phrase was targeted as part of a plan to increase traffic to the website over time as it was an ecommerce site in a competitive arena. It did bring a lot of people to the site but very few converted and made a purchase.

This is something I wanted to correct.

With other projects taking up my time I have elected to bring the site back to a content only site and have advertising around that (mainly Adsense). This may (if done correctly) generate a small regular income which is better than having a website online doing nothing at all as it is currently doing.

So I thought I would generate more keyword phrases based on the one mentioned above. Right now the site is bringing in over 130 visitors a month just on the keyword phrase "how to please a man in bed". However Wordtracker only estimated worldwide there would be 5 searches daily - so on the whole its close (based on 30 x 5 = 150).

Just watch out for the number of sites competing - Wordtrackers result can be a little conservative.

Lastly if you're having doubts about keyword research tools have a second think about Wordtracker... it might be accurate enough to help you get the keywords you really want.