Monday, June 26, 2006

Your car and your image to your SEO clients

Myself and my wife Helen are considering a change of car... we've looked at VW Passats (responsible family man), Audi TT's (mature sports car man), VW Golf GTI's (flash harry man) & Toyota Aygo - pronounced "I - go" - (green responsible and ethical man)

I even considered buying a car for not too much money - say 6 or 7 years old (make do man!).... but Helen completely shunned the idea.. .wasn't that bad: a W plate Citroen Xsara VTS, 'nowt wrong with that.... though Helen said it would say to my customers I am doing poorly... and that might influence them to look somewhere else for web marketing...

Why is it a car should say so much about you? My wife worried that the wrong choice of car would send the incorrect type of message to my clients.

Yet in my mind if I want to lord it up in an Audi sports car, whats that got to do with my customers? Especially if my prices don't change? If my new car IS a reflection of my success then why can't I celebrate that fact?

Could I do without a car?

In the UK I would say no. Our transportation system is poor and expensive. If I exclusively worked in London then maybe I could get away with using taxis, buses and the tube but any other major city in the UK? Not really.

So what car do you drive and what message do you think that gives to your clients when you go visit them? (and I am sure they'll be looking!)