Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Visitor Conversion rate = 100%

I get a real sense of achievement and pride when visitor conversion rates hit the 100% mark.

In testing it only seems to happen with "difficult to find" products but when I see a client's ecommerce store sell 5 of the same products to 5 website visitors using the same keyword phrase on the same day AND see this consistently on other products he stocks I like to think I have had a hand in this level of success by identifying demand for the product and advising my client to stock this item to sell online...

Either way the client is extremely happy he's making even more online sales and I'm thrilled I have another form of success to add to my portfolio.

Probably easier to achieve in B2C than B2B and the keyword is somewhat "long tail" but still another set of impressive results I can notch on my SEO Post!

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