Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Competing effectively in a highly competitive online enviroment

All Things Web recently built and deployed a website for Cartridge Wizard - a printer ink cartridge supplier in the UK.

TO give you some idea of the competitiveness of printer inkjet cartridges (including toner) the top few performing websites for the term "inkjet cartridge"

Valueshop has 4670 links according to Yahoo and its link operator

Inkjet-cartridges.co.uk has 154000 links according to Yahoo

Refreshcartridges.co.uk has (surprisingly!) 555 links to it

Google reports back that for "inkjet cartridge" there are only 3 million or so results in it SERPS. Competitive but not out of reach...

The approach to increasing the ranking/traffic for this website on Google together with online sales will be (at its most basic level) the following processes:

Linkbuilding using backlink analysis of online competitors

Online press releases (usually based around environmental ink issues and/or the high price of printer cartridges)

Increasing the number of inkjet and laser toner products on the website on a regular basis

Assess ranking of the website and check that traffic to the website increases as well as look to increase the number of conversions of visitors to sales

Assess online competitors and their websites and features/prices offered

Adjust product content ensuring it is optimised as possible

Use Google Site maps to ensure all pages are indexed

Seting up a blog and consistently blogging on inkjet cartridges - perhaps a niche would be better here - maybe printer reviews or technical specifications being discussed.

The downside to this process is that a) it's going to take time and b) it's an especially competitive market with literally hundreds of suppliers online. Still there is no reason that Cartridge Wizard - UK inkjet cartridge retailers online cannot compete given enough time, investment and money.