Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What goes around, comes around... only took 4 years

4 years ago I was confronted by a web designer who told me I was not welcome in this particular business group due to the fact they too offered website optimisation. This was in fact not really true and that day I spotted their website updated to include SEO as a service just so they had a "justifiable" case to keep me out of their group.

Their attitude really upset me at the time, anyhow I then moved on to better things.

Funny website now does not make any mention of SEO but at the time they were adamant they did it and did it well....

Roll round 4 years later and I meet a person who has had a website built by these designers and so called optimisation has supposedly been carried out on the pages.

The home page consists mostly of sliced up images, the site is using frames (Iframes) and no metadata is readily apparent.

The person I was speaking to have been charged a lot of money for a small business website and as I informed the person what was wrong with the site, why it would fail on the search engines and that no optimisation was readily apparent they became more and more upset.

I will say this... if you elect to con your customers and pretend you have done work you have not done it will come back on you. Not now. Not tomorrow but way, way into the future when you least expect it. So if you're not working ethically in the web world, step away. Find someone else to rip off as news travels even faster now in cyberspace than it did 4 years ago. And believe me it will catch up with you and bite ya back!

It might have taken 4 years BUT I will now take the opportunity to actively seek out these particular designers sites and demonstrate to their clients why their sites are not likely to be working in search engines. I expect to take a lot of business and I do not doubt I will fail.

Revenge is sweet and don't let anyone tell you its not 'cause I am going to have fun with this one.