Monday, September 04, 2006

Lets drown the "Splash Pages"

I really, really,REEEEALLY have NEVER liked splash pages... totally pointless and to me shows the client has no idea what the web really is best for.

I have had just got off the phone with a potential client who thinks that their animated home page with no HTML text and no way to bypass the animation is what users really want to see every single time they visit.

When I attempted to explain that his 20 second animation of 4 items moving across the page has been done a ZILLION times before and quite frankly only a 2 year old might be initially impressed (ok so maybe I was more diplomatic with the client) whats the point in keeping a user around waiting???

If all you want is a moving ad then film one and stick it on YouTube or local access TV if you're in the US (we don't have that in the UK on terrestial channels anyway).

Otherwise remember that you must give the user what they want: hi quality content that appeals by product, service, niche or price.

No-ones going to be blown away by an animated splash page (UNLESS its TRULY original and quite frankly in 5 years I've never seen one!)

So lets make a point that whenever we come across one we take 30 seconds to email the company WHY they should not use a Splash page. A little bit of education might help.

If I had my way I would stick web designers who still upsell the benefits of a splash page on a modern day equivalent of the ducking stool

My rant for today!