Saturday, September 02, 2006

Holy smoley! Budget SEO services for start ups!

Professional SEO is expensive. FACT.

Budget web optimization is near to impossible for many start up businesses to find.

Companies and search engine marketing specialists with extensive portfolios of successful online marketing for prestigious clients can command fees that to some are just way, way out of reach... $400 per hour I know for sure in the USA, even £600 per hour is a figure I have heard bandied around in London.... though that's just rumour and I have nothing substantial to back that up with.

For many start up businesses looking to promote their website online it can be difficult to get an established agency or specialist interested with only a budget of around £1000.

As one person who called me yesterday, he said he previously had phoned 2 London based web marketing agencies who laughed him off the phone when he mentioned this budget figure.

Oh yes, highly professional attitude. Why don't some of these agencies refer people with limited budgets to those who are happy to work with them?? They could even take a small fee for doing so....

Well, the agencies disinterest in his business is my and his gain as I have a popular web optimization service that is increasing traffic ten fold to every clients website* I have worked on so far.

*clients comments, not mine.

Most start up businesses are faced with 2 risky solutions when needing web optimization:

Go it alone and learn from their mistakes. This takes time, a lot of time if they do not know where to start and who or what to believe.


...they find a cheaper SEO outfit and hope they're not internet marketing cowboys (and believe me people they DO exist!)

By identifying this budget requirement in the SEO market I have come up with a solution that suits a potential start up client and wins All Things Web new business.

If the client is willing to do some of the legwork to help themselves then I can assist greatly.

If, however, the client is unwilling and for a very limited budget they want to be "number 1 in the search engines" and I need to do all the work then this allows me to disengage from their request to help.

So here is what I offer for budget web optimization services both here in the UK and US (I have one start up client on the US Eastern Sea Board - site is not yet ready but we're progressing, albeit slowly):

(In the UK) Website review onsite WITH the client. (In the US - carried out here in the UK and review is done by telephone and/or email support.)

During this meeting I will demonstrate how to research keywords by using tools such as Wordtracker and others effectively.

I demonstrate and teach the client how to structure web page content with correct, ethical and safe optimization (and as we all know this is a simple technique, but for some hard to master).

We discuss meta tags - which ones to use and which ones to disgard and also consider document type declarations.

We go over techniques in search optimisation that are considered "black hat" and which ones (if caught) go against Google's guidelines.

I show where to find information on search engine optimization that CAN be trusted.

I provide details on website forums that can give feedback on a clients efforts with their website so that they may enhance their pages in accessibility, design, written copy and usability.

I will provide a list of tools that are freely available on the web - things like back link analyzers and keyword density tools. I am quick to stress the importance that KW density is only to be used as a guide and it is not a holy law of SEO.

I show how to create and use blogs effectively, how to get the best from what is linkbait, how and why to create articles based on their products, services and business. We discuss how to market the website online in conjunction with offline marketing efforts.

I will discuss paid advertising using Google's Sponsored Links and calculate the best PPC bid rate to use against the clients expected sales figures and profit margins. I then implement a sponsored campaign on Google Ads if the client wishes to proceed with this.

I will recommend the best statistic packages available so that the client can begin to measure traffic to the site accurately. If the client has an existing site that already has traffic data I will review that to see if any results there can be leveraged further onto the site to send in more traffic - this is a technique that works well, believe me.

Finally the website will be reviewed on a "bottom line" basis. I will go over how to increase conversions and how to generate more enquiries from an online presence.

This is all provided for £560 plus VAT and travelling expenses. Yep, it's a lot less than the SEO agencies are charging and the value to small start up businesses, as it is proving, immense.