Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin - as an expert was he complacent?

I am really trying to avoid jumping on the bandwagon here with regards to the untimely fatal accident of Steve Irwin - the Australian Croc guy.

Steve seemed to know - from what I was watching on TV anyway - when to keep a distance to the dangerous creatures - sure the stuff with his baby within a few metres of a croc... a tad silly, but I think he had everything under control and I'm sure he'd have put himself completely in front of the croc if his kid had ended up in real danger...

His shows were entertaining and informative and he truly knew his stuff. Yet to be killed by a stingray (which as a species is accepted to be docile) is so unfortunate but I also have a nagging feeling that complacency may have crept in.

I've been there myself whilst instructing in gliding, you think something won't bite you in the a** as you've done the process a thousand times before and its generally accepted to be safe. But the one time you don't check and all hell is let loose and action is required to stop yourself from plunging back to Earth.

Anyway the point I am trying to make here is that if you are an expert in your own field NEVER get complacent or too comfortable in your comfort zone. Look for the risks, however minimal they may seem and weigh them up - if something does not feel right then drop whatever you're doing or work to minimise the risk.... I guess in the SEO world though it wouldn't really be fatal...

RIP Steve Irwin - you were and always will be the original Croc guy and a true entertainer.