Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Size of the fight in your website - Part 2

I had some more thoughts about my previous statement about the size of the fight in your website...

The internet is a competitive place if you want your website to do well... you've got to be pro-active (maybe even aggressive? in a non violent manner of course!) to get people to visit your site and buy from you.

So are you doing the following to put up a good fight?

  • New content added to your site on a weekly or daily basis (yes, yes I can hear the bitching at the back)
  • An Online Pay Per Click campaign using the likes of Google Ads or Yahoo Search Marketing that is continually improved
  • Sifting through your webstats once a week and seeing where people went in your website and how they got to you in the first place
  • Looking for online alliances to generate high quality links with (both outbound and inbound)
  • Refining the optimisation of your website - making code or content changes where necessary
  • Researching new keywords
  • Ensuring your site is fully accessible to all using CSS
  • Comparing products or services offered online by your competitors to see if you can offer your visitors something better

Or is your website cowering in a corner hoping someone will come along, take pity on it and then send you traffic? 'Cause I can tell you that ain't never gonna happen.

So go on, get your gloves and get into that online boxing ring!