Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A little trip to London SEO...

I checked out London SEO last week on recommendation of Lisa Ditlefsen of SEO Chicks fame and boy am I glad I visited.

I met up with some really decent people in the SEO world, down to earth yet knew their optimisation (or PPC or social media or, well just take your pick!) like the back of their hands. Like me. Of course.

Amazingly the beer was free, kindly sponsored by Ayima Internet Marketing and I must say thanks to Mike Jacobson for that - we briefly met but I never said cheers for the beers so I owe you one (or two at least).

I also got the chance to hangout with some of the team from SEO MOz outside in the pub beer garden - it seemed to be the place to be even though it was bloody cold! I swapped stories with Mr Fishkin's father and had a highly interesting and entertaining conversation with him on the subtle (and not so subtle!) differences between American English and the Queen's English! (Thats Her Majesty's English not Queens, New York! And not those kind of Queens either!)

Simon Hesletine - top bloke - go check out his blog searchenginetigers.com - had a really interesting conversation about Brand Management, SEO and life in general. Good bloke and welcome on my doorstep anytime especially if he's round these parts in Wiltshire! :)

I also met up with Lyndon Antcliff - top SEO Linkbaiter - and had a really enjoyable time over beers in the evening discussing linkbait - and, er, in the morning too over breakfast - where we were admonished by 2 respectable seniors for being too loud in our enthusiasm for SEO and linkbait... left me chuckling over the weekend thinking they missed out on all of Lyndon's red hot linkbaiting tips and tricks.

I'm definitely going again and I will say this if you've been around SEO for some time and not sure, don't sweat it, just turn up and you'll find everyone's top notch friendly!