Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Optimising an online art gallery the right way

I've been busy working on a canvas art gallery online recently - working through all their web pages, with their developers and then linkbuilding using a combination of various links on blogs and other websites to help rank the site higher on Google.

I've gone for a balance of competitive keywords and niche keywords too on the website to ensure both "tails" are captured.

SO instead of just concentrating on one keyword i.e. canvas art I carried out research to use further keywords that would make the optimisation appear more natural preferably avoiding the spam route.

Keywords I focused on were:

Canvas art
Canvas artwork
Art on canvas
Contemporary Canvas Art
Landscape Canvas Artwork
Abstract Canvas Prints
Modern abstract art on canvas print

FOr those not in the know note how the keyword phrases get longer as we progress.

...and so on.

This will help the site to rank higher against established websites in what is a highly competitive field.

Its early days but I am excited to see that traffic has begun to increase already so all the signs are promising!