Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cheap websites != make you money

I get approached by a lot of people wanting a "cheap" website - say less than £500 - in the belief I can design, build, optimise and put it on number 1 spot on Google in less than a few days. Obviously for us in the industry we know this is not feasible unless its a shoddy job - something I just don't want to get involved in.

I found an example website from last year - a corporate venue that wanted a website. I was asked to quote and provided a somewhat detailed proposal breaking down services, costs and timeframe with an expected measurable value from having the site optimised and promoted on Google using Adwords.

Due to the size of the project I called on Sophie Wegat for her Web Design Services to help me out. I'd seen Sophie's previous work and even though she is based in Australia I felt she would be the perfect designer at the time.

Unfortunately the client chose to go with a local web designer and based on her comments I felt this would be an unfortunate way to go.

Turns out it was.

I spotted the website (I won't mention here so as not to embarrass anyone). From a laymans point of view they have just that a website.

From my professional point of view the website has been built entirely of images (including content text) so has major, major issues in the following area's:

Web Coding Standards

The thing that disappoints me is that the designer involved has given them what they want - a website.

What a professional (like myself) would have given would be something that brings in traffic, that ensures it works to convert visitors into leads, keeps the bounce rate down as low as humanly possible AND provides their business with a marketing tool that makes them money.

Some people though (even after my guidance and education) just don't get it, which is a shame as this client will have to be charged more to fix what they have rather than me (with Sophie's assistance) to have created a website for them in the first place (that is if they do come back, which I doubt).