Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Locking PPC down real tight

I spent this morning with a client who had, without my knowledge, began to use Google Adwords to help increase traffic to their website. All fair with that I hear you say and I agree, but I received an urgent call for help as they had received lots of traffic and little in the way of enquiries.

Probably a common complaint amongst newbies on Adwords. Before I had even reached their office I had formulated in my head what exactly was wrong and what fixes would be needed to ensure they start getting "pre-qualified" traffic from the interweb.

The client complained that their budget had been wasted so they had turned off the Google PPC campaign to prevent wasted clicks. Which is a good sign that they understand the value and power of Adwords.

I asked the client if they had sat down and planned a formula to ensure their click throughs were as high as possible and that they had spent time reading up on Google Adwords information. Both answers were a resounding no and from looking at the adwords campaign set-up, I could tell they had not done much apart from stick in a list of keywords together with some poor ads.

So a few hours were spent re-adjusting keywords in each Ad campaign, adding negative keywords, switching off the ads in the Content network and really locking down the PPC campaign to ensure clickthroughs through to the site would be as relevant as possible. I even encouraged the website owner to create seperate landing pages and make use of Google Analytics with goals set in place to ensure they can measure the value of the campaign.

I also adjusted and reduced the amount invested on Google so they should immediately see a cost reduction in their monthly bill and an increase in visitors and enquiries generated by Adwords.

So if you're SEO'ing clients websites I would say it would be a good measure of your skills to enquire of the client if they are using PPC and ask to check each Adwords Ad group to ensure they are getting value for money, with clickthroughs leading to enquiries.

Hell I did and I get decent leads as I am on Google's first page for Pay Per Click Firm.