Thursday, March 01, 2007

Network network, network

I have set a plan to target clients on the Cotswolds in the UK as there is a lot of scope for me to work with businesses here that need website marketing and SEO.

As I have identified there is also a huge connection here on the Cotswolds with people commuting to London or working from home for businesses in London. Part of my global domination plan (shock! horror!) for All Things Web is to generate a profile from Swindon across to Cheltenham, up to Banbury and across to Oxford...

How will I do this?

By networking offline with other businesses... and I have already started...

My first visit to Lloyds Bank breakfast network meeting this morning went very well and I will also be visiting Highworth next week for a network meeting there.

Faringdon is also in my sights to visit and meet other businesses in the local area.

I shall let you know how I go but I was pleased with todays events (including finding "Sallys" an exclusive little cafe in Highworth where they seem to know how to actually please customers!)