Monday, February 26, 2007

Is Digg really gonna send you THOUSANDS of visitors?

I see some of blogs over the pond are making a big thing (is it a big thing???) about Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon and how many visitors they can send to a website.

All great and of interest, but just one thing plagues me....

Having had my own articles digged or "red-ditted" (some out of the blue) I've yet to see the thousands of visitors some people claim to be getting each and every day.

I admit and agree that these voting type sites can increase traffic but how effective are they in generating inbound links to your website?

And more importantly how many £££ or $$$ is each Digg user spending on your site... I'd hazard a guess it ain't very much... if some people can digg that often then do they have paid jobs? I know the top digg(ers) are likely being paid, cannot remember where I read that though.

The other thought that strikes me is that isn't Digg just one great big link farm...?? Not in the typical sense of reciprocal linking but one that is being utilised by link marketers for their own gains rather than for the real community of Digg users... doesn't this make Digg's users pissed off they're being used by marketeers....?

When Google's algorithms realise the marketing and link bearing connection from Digg and adjust their link juice or link value accordingly downwards... could it negatively affect a websites rankings (could it therefore be used to affect a competitors online rankings)... I am not saying the algorithms are doing that now but who knows for the future....?

YES if you write a good piece on Digg and are seen to be a regular submitter of decent articles you can hide your own self promotion quite effectively from other Digg users... but if you're a one time link builder I'd say you're easily gonna get a) ignored and/or b) spammed

Either way I'm not one to believe the hype of how much traffic (and if it is all good how much cash that converts into) the likes of Digg and Redditt can bring.

They're fine sites but not the be all and end all of getting visitors to a website.


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