Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Curious response to an SEO web enquiry

I was emailed a few times through the All Things Web site by a company requesting details on an SEO consultation and training in online marketing to help them with their website.

I fired back a personalised email each time advising what I could do for them (and the VALUE I would bring to their business) and each time they replied with more details and how interested they were.

I chose today to give them a quick call rather than keep emailing which is not my preferred method of communication and ask to speak to the young lady who had emailed me.

The response I got was quite odd especially after the amount of emails we had "traded".

She had made her mind up that she had figured out "in 10 minutes" what was required to SEO her website and no longer had need of my potential SEO services.

This young lady then made it clear she would not be going forward (which is fine by me with such a poor attitude) and prevented me from continuing the conversation. If she had let me she could have likely gleaned more from me as I would have at least quickly ensured she was on the right tracks with her SEO efforts.

Instead its a shame as looking at their site they've carried out some "SEO" and already there are serious keyword stuffing mistakes on the page..... I never did get the chance to tell her and I must admit its unlikely I'll be phoning back anytime soon.

Not all of us online marketers do the hard sell and a lot of us actually exist to help others and take great pride and pleasure in having a part in increasing a clients level of business.... take note next time you have an experienced web marketing bod on the phone... :)


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