Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cheap and quality cannot go hand in hand

Am I stupid?

DO I really believe that "cheap" and "quality" go together - do people selling their services really believe so many people can be so gullible???

I submitted a site to a directory earlier on behalf of a client - childrens designer clothing store Rhubarb and Custard and received an email back thanking me for the submission.

I thought it was a professional enough response and then scrolled down to see:

In need of cheap quality ad space? Check: Domain name excluded by me here

Now how can you honestly believe "cheap" and "quality" go together to get my interest... it patronises me and annoys me that these words have been used together. I try to avoid the word "cheap" on sites I run though I am aware I may well miss out on a certain section of the market but I am content with that.

If the term had been:

High traffic AFFORDABLE ad space for small online businesses: Check it out
I would have been more positive about having a look but not when the seller honestly thinks selling something I beleive to be "quality" on the "cheap"...

I'd be interested to hear other peoples views on this....



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