Monday, November 12, 2007

With time management training this blog's back on track

For the past few weeks I have been away, been off sick and returned to the aftermath and promptly sunk under the weight of SEO and web work I faced.

Advanced Time Management Techniques

So I bit the bullet last week and spent the day being trained in advanced time management to help myself become far more effective - and allow me to digg, stumble and blog daily again to help increase my online profile.

Even though I spent years as a gliding instructor training others how to soar at heights in excess of 20,000 feet I've always been resistant myself to any kind of self development training so I faced the time management course with some trepidation, wondering if I had anything to learn. Believe me, I did!

I needn't have worried though.

With Andrew Bramwell - a highly effective Management Trainer of Train Me Now at the helm - myself and the other course members left at the end of the day with some fantastic time management tips to manage and prioritise our time. I applied a few of those tips over the weekend and suddenly found DIY jobs around the house that I'd put off for months were getting done in virtually no time at all.... if it was that good for me personally, I am really looking forward to what its going to do for my business.

So I owe a big, big thank you to AJ, my trainer in effective time management techniques. He certainly comes VERY highly recommended. :)